Discover Your Home Decoration Style with Our Style Guide

With so many styles and trends to choose from, the process of decorating your home can be both enjoyable and overwhelming. Whether you’re starting from scratch in a new home or renovating an existing one, it is essential to determine your home decoration style. Once you determine your style, you can create a home that is cohesive and reflects your personality and preferences. Using our style guide, we will guide you through the process of determining your home decoration style in this article.


Discover Your Home Decoration Style with Our Style Guide

Beginning with Inspiration

Inspiration is the first step in determining your home decoration style. Consult magazines, Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, and home decor blogs for ideas. Create a mood board with images of your favorite rooms, furniture, decor, and colors. This will assist you in visualizing your style and identifying recurring themes and components.

Identify Your Favorite Colors

Colors play an important role in interior design. They can set the tone, establish the ambiance, and convey your personality. Examine your mood board and identify the colors to which you are most drawn. Are they vivid and striking, or muted and subdued? Do you favor cool or warm tones? This will serve as the basis for your color palette.

Choose Your Design Aesthetic

There are numerous design aesthetics from which to choose, each with its own characteristics and elements. Traditional, modern, minimalist, bohemian, farmhouse, and industrial are popular design styles. Examine your mood board and determine the design aesthetics that most resonate with you. This will assist you in determining your overall aesthetic.

Select Your Essential Furniture Pieces

Furniture is an essential component of interior design. Not only is it functional, but it also sets the style of the room. Examine your mood board and select your favorite furniture pieces. This could be a sofa with a bold design, an antique coffee table, or a simple bookshelf. These items will serve as the basis for your interior design style.

Choose Your Decorative Accessories

Accents are the finishing touches that tie together your interior design style. Examine your mood board and identify your favorite decorative accents. This could be a patterned rug, an art gallery wall, or an assortment of houseplants. These accents will lend personality and distinction to your home.

Bring Everything Together

Now that you’ve determined your preferred colors, design aesthetic, key furniture pieces, and decorative accents, it’s time to bring everything together. Create a unified home decor style by incorporating your favorite elements into each room. Create a visually interesting and unique space by mixing and matching textures, patterns, and materials.


In conclusion, discovering your home decor style is a creative process of self-discovery. By gathering inspiration, identifying your favorite colors, determining your design aesthetic, selecting key furniture pieces, choosing decorative accents, and bringing it all together, you can create a home that reflects your personality and tastes.


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