Incorporate Plants- Living Room Decor Ideas

Plants do more than just give your home a sprig of greenery; they also improve the quality of the air you breathe and create an ambience that is soothing. Here are some design ideas to think about if you want to bring more plants into your living room and are seeking for different ways to do so.


incorporate plants- living room decor ideas

Hanging Plants 

Hanging plants are an excellent way to add greenery to your living room while saving critical floor space. For a touch of natural beauty, choose a trailing plant such as Devil’s Ivy or a Fern. Consider clustering many plants together for a more dramatic effect.

Standing Plants

Consider introducing a standing plant into your living room if you have some extra floor space. Tall plants, such as a Bird of Paradise or a Snake Plant, can make a statement while cleansing the air.

Wall-Mounted Plants

Consider incorporating wall-mounted plants into your living room decor for a one-of-a-kind look. For a low-maintenance option, use wall planters to grow herbs or succulents, or hang a macrame plant hanger for a boho-chic aesthetic.

Tabletop Plants

Tabletop plants are an excellent way to add a splash of color to your living area without taking up too much space. Smaller plants, such as a Jade Plant or a Bonsai Tree, can be displayed on a side table or coffee table to create an eye-catching focal point.

Living Walls

Consider installing a live wall in your living area to make a dramatic statement. A wall-mounted planter system can be used to grow a variety of plants for a lush and tropical appearance.

Finally, introducing plants into your living room is a simple and efficient method to bring nature into your house. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you choose hanging plants, standing plants, wall-mounted plants, tabletop plants, or a living wall. So get creative and begin bringing the outside in!


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