Play with Scale- Living Room Decor Ideas

The usage of scale is one of the aspects that should be considered when it comes to the decoration of a living room. Adding visual appeal and making a place that is beautiful as well as functional and pleasant can be accomplished by using the appropriate proportion of large to little pieces. In this article, we will discuss several decorating ideas that can help improve your living space by making use of size in some way.


play with scale- living room decor ideas

Anchoring the Space with Large Pieces

Incorporating huge furniture items, such as a sectional sofa or a statement armchair, is one way to create visual impact to your living area. These pieces may anchor the area and act as the focal point while also offering plenty of seats for guests. Consider the size of the room when selecting a huge piece, and choose a piece that is proportional. You can also choose a neutral color, such as beige or gray, to give yourself more decorating options.

Accentuating with Smaller Accents

Throw cushions, flowers, and picture frames are examples of little accessories that can be used to complement larger pieces in your living area. To add visual interest, choose objects with vivid colors or patterns, or pick for more neutral pieces to make the appearance consistent. Consider the scale of the room and the furniture items when selecting these accents. A tiny room, for example, may benefit from fewer, larger accents, whereas a larger room can accommodate a greater number of smaller things.

Developing Visual Balance

Including components of varying sizes and forms in your living room decor can add visual interest and harmony. This can be accomplished by utilizing furniture, decorations, and even lighting. A wide, round coffee table, for example, might offset the straight lines of a sectional sofa, while a tall, slender floor lamp can offset the mass of a giant armchair.

Texture Mixing and Matching

Texture is another method to experiment with scale in your living room decor. Texture mixing and matching may give depth and interest to a room while also providing aesthetic balance. A luxurious velvet sofa, for example, can be coupled with a rough-hewn wood coffee table, or a soft, fluffy rug can be paired with a woven jute accent.

Using Art to Make a Statement

Large pieces of art can make a strong statement in your living area and act as the focal point. Choose abstract or landscape paintings that reflect your personal taste, and frames that suit the overall design of the area. Art can also be utilized to balance the scale of the area, for example, a large artwork over the sofa that balances the bulk of the furniture.


Including objects of various sizes and forms in your living room design can add visual interest and balance to the space. Playing with scale, whether through furniture, accents, lighting, or art, can help you create a comfortable and attractive living space. Use these decorating ideas as a starting point to establish the ideal scale balance for your home.


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