Coffee Table Oval Shape | Golden Tea Table Design for Luxury Look | Marble Top Centre Table for Living Room Decor with Side End Table

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Practical and Functional: Not only does our Centre Table look stunning, but it also offers practicality.

Unbeatable Value: As the direct manufacturer, we offer the Centre Table at the most competitive price you’ll find online.

Trusted Quality: We prioritize delivering a product that lasts.

Center Table Size: Length – 48 Inches | Bredth – 30 Inches | Height – 16 Inches

Side Table Size: Diameter – 12 Inches | Height – 18 Inches

Weight: 28 Kg+


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Explore a fusion of style and functionality with our Oval Coffee Table, designed to elevate your living area. Dive into the various advantages of incorporating this modern oval-shaped coffee table into your home.

Content: Timeless Elegance: Our meticulously crafted Oval Coffee Table stands out as the focal point in any room. The distinctive oval shape adds a touch of sophistication, breaking away from conventional designs. It’s more than just a table; it’s a stylish statement that reflects your taste and personality.

Versatile Placement: Whether placed at the heart of your living room or used as a chic accent in your lounge, the Oval Coffee Table seamlessly fits into any space. Its adaptable design allows for experimentation with different layouts, creating a dynamic and welcoming ambiance for gatherings.

Durable Construction: Invest in enduring quality with our modern coffee table oval shape, constructed with robust materials and meticulous attention to detail. This ensures longevity and durability, providing a reliable surface for your daily needs, from morning coffee to magazines and decorative items.

Space-Efficient Design: Maximize your living area with our oval coffee table’s space-saving design. The rounded edges not only add visual appeal but also contribute to a smooth flow in smaller spaces. Experience the illusion of more space while benefiting from the practicality of a well-placed coffee table.

Versatile Decor Integration: Our oval coffee table seamlessly integrates into any existing decor with its neutral and timeless design. Whether your style leans towards modern, traditional, or eclectic, this versatile piece effortlessly complements a variety of interior themes, becoming an integral part of your home decor.


Get this Designer Coffee Table Oval Shape Directly from the Factory to your home and save the middleman cost

Benefits Post-Purchase:

  1. Elevated Style: Upgrade your living space with the sophistication that mirrors your refined taste.
  2. Practical Focal Point: Enjoy the convenience of a central surface for beverages, snacks, and decor.
  3. Enduring Investment: Invest in quality craftsmanship that guarantees durability over time.
  4. Adaptable Layouts: Experiment with various room setups thanks to the oval table’s flexible design.
  5. Space Optimization: Maximize your living area with a space-saving coffee table that enhances visual flow.

Conclusion: Revamp your living space with our Coffee Table Oval Shape, offering a perfect blend of style and practicality. Transform your home decor, leave a lasting impression, and relish the luxury of a well-crafted centerpiece. Place your order now to redefine your living space with enduring style.

Dimensions Specifications
Length 48 Inches
Breadth 30 Inches
Height 16 Inches
Weight 28+ Kg
Weight 28000 g
Dimensions 121.92 × 76.2 × 40.64 cm

11 reviews for Coffee Table Oval Shape | Golden Tea Table Design for Luxury Look | Marble Top Centre Table for Living Room Decor with Side End Table

  1. Ruchita Prajapti

    My friend recommended this website to search products on a cheaper price.
    I am so happy to see this centre table in my drawing room

  2. Ashutosh

    This centre table looks good with my overall interior. Good work
    Packing was not extraordinary

  3. Anu Sharma

    Mr Bhanu had shared the video of its making before dispatching it
    Customer service is good
    this table is also good in quality

  4. Neha Verma

    You guys should work upon early delivery.
    Price is worth buying

  5. Aayushi Sharma

    Nice but poor delivery time

  6. Shreya Nehra

    Amazing quality and finish 👏

  7. Vijay Dhankhar

    Poor delivery service, the delivery guys were not allowing me to open the package and check the product before making the payment

  8. Deeksha Mohapatra

    good quality

  9. Mahesh Dagar

    Heavy table

  10. Raj Gopal

    Great value for money, significantly more affordable compared to similar options elsewhere.

  11. Mehul Patel

    Late delivery but amazing product quality

    Would appreciate quicker delivery time

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coffee table oval shapeCoffee Table Oval Shape | Golden Tea Table Design for Luxury Look | Marble Top Centre Table for Living Room Decor with Side End Table
Original price was: ₹34,000.00.Current price is: ₹27,200.00.
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