Dining Table 4 Seater for Limited Space | 4 Seater Dining Table Set for Dining Room | Dining Table for Small Space

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✅ Practical and Functional: Not only does our Rectangular Dining Table In Natural Finish look stunning, but it also offers practicality.

✅ Unbeatable Value: As the direct manufacturer, we offer the Dining Table the most competitive price you’ll find online.

✅ Every Product is made by hands

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✅ Size: Big : Height – 18 Inches / Length – 60 inches / Width – 36 Inches


Buy Dining Table 4 Seater for Limited Space – Sajosamaan Premium 4 Seater Dining Table


Make your dining space feel fresh and modern with this chic set, complete with a Black Marble-topped table and Six chairs. It’s all about blending style with functionality!

The dining table design is a real showstopper with its smooth marble surface, which not only looks fantastic but also stands up to everyday use. Plus, it’s supported by a strong base that keeps everything steady.

And let’s talk about those chairs – they’re not just good-looking; they’re super comfy too! Each one is upholstered in top-notch fabric or leather, so you can sit back and relax in style.

With this set, every meal feels like a special occasion. Whether it’s a cozy dinner for two or a family feast, you’ll love the modern vibes it brings to your dining area. It’s the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality, making dining at home a true delight!

Upgrade your dining area with a modern set including a marble table and six chairs. Designed for contemporary homes, it’s both stylish and practical.

The dining table design has a luxurious black marble top and a sturdy base. The six chairs are comfy and sleek.

This set adds luxury to your dining experience. Whether for gatherings or everyday meals, it brings modern charm and sophistication to your space. Enjoy meals with style and comfort!


  1. Direct Manufacturer Purchase: By bypassing intermediaries, you’re avoiding extra expenses and markups. Your investment directly supports the product’s value, making it a more cost-effective choice.
  2. Affordable Elegance: This dining table 4 seater design allows you to bring the rustic charm of solid wood into your home without the premium price tag. The quality and finish are maintained at a high standard.

Product Highlights and Dimensions:

Feature Measurement
Length 152 cm
Breadth 91 cm
Height 45 cm
Weight 50 kg

3 Big Reasons to Buy:

  1. Natural Aesthetics: The dining table 4 seater design exudes a natural and timeless charm. The natural finish highlights the wood’s unique grains, adding character to your living space.
  2. Generous Surface Area: With its well-proportioned dimensions, this luxury dining table offers ample surface space for your coffee, books, or décor items. It’s both functional and visually appealing.
  3. Lifestyle Enhancement: Owning this luxury dining table 4 seater transforms the ambiance of your room, creating an atmosphere of comfort and rustic elegance.

How It Will Affect Your Life:

  • Rustic Elegance: The dining table’s natural wood design adds a touch of rustic elegance that enhances the overall aesthetics of your living space.
  • Functional Charm: Enjoy the convenience of a spacious surface for your meal and essentials, seamlessly merging practicality with aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Atmosphere: This Sajosamaan dining table 4 seater enriches your living experience, creating an ambiance of warmth and natural beauty that resonates with your lifestyle.

2 reviews for Dining Table 4 Seater for Limited Space | 4 Seater Dining Table Set for Dining Room | Dining Table for Small Space

  1. Pallavi Arora

    The price of this dining table is much expensive. Had compared it after buying.
    Please give me some cashback as i had shared you the images on whatsapp. The quality is no doubt premium but it should priced around 75000

  2. Rajni Kumar

    I am thrilled with my new stainless steel dining table. It’s both elegant and robust, and it matches well with our other furniture. This table is a great investment for anyone looking for a long-lasting and attractive dining solution.

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dining table 4 seaterDining Table 4 Seater for Limited Space | 4 Seater Dining Table Set for Dining Room | Dining Table for Small Space
Original price was: ₹135,000.00.Current price is: ₹95,000.00.
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