10 Quick and Easy Diwali Decor Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers

10 Quick and Easy Diwali Decor Ideas – Are you the type of person who waits until the last minute to go shopping and is always in a hurry to get everything done? Do you usually find yourself rushing around at the eleventh hour to get your house ready for Diwali? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered in every way! This article will provide you with ten simple and fast Diwali decoration ideas that are ideal for people who are pressed for time but still want to celebrate the holiday.

10 Quick and Easy Diwali Decor Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers

Tidy up and clear the clutter

It is critical to clean and organize your space thoroughly before beginning any kind of decorating. Purge your home of any items that aren’t necessary and give it a thorough cleaning. Not only will a clean and well-organized home look better, but it will also foster an atmosphere that is more positive and peaceful.


Creating intricate patterns with colored powders or flowers is the primary component of the traditional Indian art form known as rangoli. At the front door of your house or in the living room, you can quickly and easily create a beautiful Rangoli design. You can create a stunning Rangoli pattern with the assistance of any one of the many online tutorials that are currently available.

DIY Projects for Decorating

The lighting of a Diya is one of the most important aspects of the Diwali celebration. A celebratory air can be brought into your home with the help of brightly colored and ornate diyas. If you are concerned about the fire’s safety, another option is to use LED diyas.

Decoration with Flowers, Section

Adding a splash of color and a pleasant scent to your home is as simple as cutting some flowers and arranging them in a vase. If you want to decorate your home with flowers, you can use marigolds, jasmine, or any other kind of flower you like. Flower garlands are another option for adorning the passageways of your home, such as doorways and windows.

Wall Hangings

The addition of some character and flair to your abode is as simple as hanging up a wall hanging. You can create your own wall hanging using fabrics, ribbons, and other decorative items, or you can use traditional Indian wall hangings such as torans.

Lights for the Holidays

Any area can be quickly converted into a warm and welcoming space by the addition of fairy lights. You can adorn your balcony, terrace, or any other space that could use some additional sparkle with fairy lights.

Paper Lanterns

Adding a touch of festivity to your home can be done at a low cost and with minimal effort using paper lanterns. You can either purchase lanterns that are already made or make your own with the help of colored paper and string lights.

The Decoration of the Table

The decoration of the table is an aspect of Diwali decoration that is frequently neglected. You can make your dining area more attractive and welcoming by using things like flower arrangements, candles, and table runners in vibrant colors.

Wall Art

Putting up some artwork on your walls is a great way to give your home more character and allure. You have the option of using traditional Indian art such as Madhubani or coming up with your own design using stencils and paint.

Decoration for the Centerpiece

Your Diwali decoration may feature a centerpiece that acts as the point of emphasis. You can use a traditional Indian bowl made of brass or copper and put diyas, flowers, or fruit in it to decorate the space.

Pillows and blankets/throws

Throws and cushions are a great way to bring some coziness and warmth into your home. You can create your own cushions and throws using the fabrics of your choice, or you can use throws and cushions with traditional Indian prints like paisley.


Getting ready for Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, can be a fun and exciting experience. You won’t need much time or effort to turn your space into a beautiful and inviting abode if you use these ten simple, speedy, and straightforward decorating ideas. Before you begin decorating your space, it is important to remember to clean and declutter it first, and then to have fun experimenting with various elements of decor.

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