7 Cheap Home Decor Items at Delhi Banjara Market

7 cheap home decor items

Anyone wishing to alter their home decor on a budget might check out Delhi’s Banjara Market. It’s the ideal location to inject some flair into your house without breaking the bank because to its enormous assortment of distinctive and reasonably priced goods. 


This post will look at 7 Cheap home decor items you can get at the Banjara Market for as little as ₹20.

wall hangings produced by hands

Wall hangings produced by hand
The handmade wall hangings at the Banjara Market are among the most well-liked products. These lovely items come in a range of colours and patterns to go with any type of home decor and are produced from natural materials like cotton, jute, and silk. They can be obtained for as little as ₹150 and are a terrific way to add some texture and colour to any space.


ornamental throw pillows

Ornamental throw pillows
Throw cushions are another excellent low-cost option at the Banjara Market Gurgaon or Banjara Market Online Shopping Sites. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to discover the ideal pillows to match your interior design. You can find anything here, from gentle, subtle colors to bold, vivid designs. Prices begin at only ₹70.


custom made rugs

3. Custom-made rugs
Another essential for anyone trying to give their house some warmth and texture is a handmade rug. These lovely items come in a range of shapes and sizes and are manufactured from natural materials like wool and cotton. You’re sure to find the ideal rug to complement your home decor, in styles ranging from classic patterns to contemporary abstract designs in Indian Handicrafts Prices begin at only ₹800.


bohemian style tapestries

Bohemian-style Tapestries
The Banjara Market is the ideal location to find the trendy boho chic tapestries that are currently in style. These lovely items are hand-woven from natural fibres and are available in a wide range of hues, designs, and patterns. They can be obtained for as little as 200 and are a terrific way to add some texture and colour to any space.


ornamental vases

Ornamental vases
Another inexpensive alternative that you might buy in the Banjara Market are decorative vases. You’re likely to find the ideal piece to complement your home design, whether you’re searching for a straightforward, discreet vase or something vibrant and colourful. You can stock up on a range of vases for use throughout your home for prices starting at just ₹500.


custom candles

Custom Candles
Another fantastic choice for those wishing to warm up and ambience their house is handmade candles. These lovely ornaments come in a range of hues and smells and are made of natural wax. You can choose the ideal candle to match your home style, from calming lavender to energising peppermint. Prices begin at only ₹350.


ornamental bookends

Ornamental bookends
Last but not least, decorative bookends are a fantastic way to give your bookshelf or home office some individuality. These lovely pieces can be purchased for as little as ₹200 and come in a range of materials, including natural stone and sleek metal. You’re likely to find the ideal bookends to match your home design, whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary.


In conclusion, anyone looking for inexpensive and distinctive home decor goods should head to Delhi’s Banjara Market. There is something for everyone at this lively market, from handmade wall hangings and beautiful throw pillows to boho chic tapestries and ornamental bookends. The Banjara Market is the ideal spot to do it, whether you’re wanting to revamp your decor with some new pieces or simply add some texture and colour to your home. You may purchase some lovely products for a reasonable price—prices start at about ₹20. So start buying right away at the Banjara Market!




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